Friday, October 15, 2010

My Lady

My lady was in town a few weeks ago. So we did something new and different for us,
we went wine tasting.
Let me clarify, we both love wine and wine tasting, but for some reason
we have never done it together.
It was simply marvelous.
The husband even offered to come pick us up after it all, but that is another story...

Brook, attempting to find her prince charming.
Unfortunately, this frog was not it.

A little later that night with Zac-Bob in the background,
and moving on to margaritas and vodka tonics.
We also went back to the "good old days" and slept in the same bed that night.
The Husband was only mildly offended.
Brook, next time you must stay up for the whole three day weekend, in my opinion.