Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Pismo...

Ahhh... Pismo...

Everyone that went, Kya, Courtney, Me, Steve, my nephew Brayden and my brother, Caleb.

The husband and myself...

One of my favorite pics from the trip. My nephew Brayden after I found a sand crab for him. What you can't tell in this picture is that he is freezing but doesn't want to get warm, instead wants to keep playing in the ocean.

When did it quit being fun to freeze your butt off for the chance of swimming? I was proud of myself for taking my shoes off and walking in the ocean a bit (it was more than the other adults on the trip did), there is no way I was going to go swimming in the ocean though.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The husband told me last night that he was watching the news and a woman bought $150 dollars worth of groceries for $.46. That's right, 46- CENTS. He then told me that maybe I shouldn't even find a job, and instead spend all of my extra time looking for coupons.
He did add with a laugh after, "Cause isn't that what every little girl wants to do when they grow up...?"
While his offer is intriguing, at least for a moment... Once that moment passes it sounds like a sure way for me to
Lucky for me, the husband knows this about me.
Looking for coupons every now and then does sound like a good way to save money now though...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fight the Funk

The husband and I (as well as a few other people) were camping in Pismo this last weekend. We LOVE wine and did a little wine tasting one day...
On the last day, before we left we started to get into a little bit of a funk, if you know what I mean... In pursuit of doing something to "Fight the Funk" we decided to do a little more wine tasting before we went home. Really, what helps you fight a funk more than alcohol?
So, that lead us to these vineyards...

Hug Cellars and Barrel 27. They were both fabulous. Seriously, very good wine. So, if you are ever in Paso Robles you should go try them out. It did help us fight the funk too. It is also quite convenient that are two favorite were right next door to each other.