Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh, it's you again. Hello there.

I have remained unemployed.
I have driven thousands of miles.
Three members of my family died.
Another remains in serious condition after a car accident.
Was in Reno for Thanksgiving.
Had my in-laws at my house for a week at Christmas.
Had my family at my house for Christmas-Eve.
Had one moment on peace on a beach in La Jolla (more to come about this in the future).
Was fired.
Dealt with my brother's marriage falling apart.
Started using protection.
Started and stopped going to one church (one to many catholic comments made form the pulpit when my husband was in tow).
Checked out some books on Martin Luther and his 95 Thesis, because I decided I should now about how the catholic/protestant division started.
Contacted the pastor at my home church and have attempted to start attending there again.
Gave blood for the first time in my life (I'm O Pos).
Nearly passed out after giving blood for the first time.
Freaked my husband out by talking to his boss' boss, and I now tell the husband that we are BFF's.
Still have not finished reading East of Eden in the Baran Book Club. Good news is that I am about 100 pages farther along than the husband.
Started planning my sister's baby shower.
Chopped off half of my hair.
A very close friend had heart surgery in the bay area.
Enjoyed the husband being gone for a week (we needed a break).
Set off fire-works for the first time on New Years.
Have decided that I am officially losing my mind, or just not on my A game at all.