Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sleeping Alone

So, I admit it, when Steve first leaves for a fire, I am pretty excited about sleeping alone. Not that I sleep badly when he is home, I don't. But, being able to sleep however I want with pillows all around me just brings me a little bit of joy.

That is until I have not talked to him in a few days. Because at that point when I go to bed I start to worry about him, and then I start to freak myself out... What if he is hurt? Would someone call me?

Thus I start to freak myself out wondering about something that I can do nothing about. This becomes my fire cycle. Steve is sleeping on the ground somewhere, and I am either sleeping awesome with all the pillows I can fit around me, or I am crazy worried about him with all the pillows around me. Do you know what Steve would say if he read this (not that he will because he has been on a fire since I started blogging and has no idea I do this...) Yes what Steve would say is exactly what my mom would say, "Get over it Celeste."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A fabulous weekend

So, this weekend was a single weekend for me, aka Steve was on a fire (One where we have logged a total of 15 minutes of phone conversation in the last week and a half, but that is another story).

So, while Steve was off bringing home the bacon, I decided to go be irresponsible. So, I headed to LA to see one of my favorite people and hang out in the big city. Unfortunately, I was not irresponsible at all. That is unless you consider if I had been at home I would have been painting the bathroom. I was in bed by midnight every night. Completely responsible for a twenty-something in the big city with another twenty-something.

Back to LA. It was the most wonderful weekend that I have had in resent memory. We laughed, we went to the beach, we did very little shopping (especially since both of us are on a tight budget). It was completely wonderful, also because I did not stay awake pondering how an astronaut would die if (s)he if they somehow floated away from the spaceship...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Blogging Virgin

Yes, it is true. After months of, well, reading other blogs... I have decided that I... to... must jump on the blogging band wagon. Why have I finally decided this? Well, there are a handful of reasons. Mostly I realized yesterday that I used to love to journal, it really helped me through a lot of really tough times.

Not that I am having a tough time now, in fact it is quite the contrary. I am perfectly content with my life as it is now, if not, dare I say, happy.

The other reason for now jumping off the bridge with many of my fabulous friends is that it is nice keeping tabs on people who I do not get to see nearly as often as I would like.

So, here it is world, take it or leave it. This is me, raw and uncut. Well, not likely, but who knows...