Saturday, November 28, 2009

Newest Favorite Cocktail

So, while at my cousin's house the day before Thanksgiving and just hanging out... His wife made me and my sister a cocktail... Rum with Pineapple Juice. Let me tell you, this little delectable delight is fabulous. It is so good the husband even made one for himself last night, and he does not normally drink cocktails (although, he did not put it in the martini glass like I would have done had I been making myself one)... So, next time you are feeling brave and want to try a new cocktail, give this one a try.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A rare weekend

I had the very rare weekend off this last weekend. Turns out you get caught up doing everything else you would have done on days off, except, I got to see people. I got to take my niece to coffee... actually hot chocolate, I got to have my family over for dinner (well, those that showed up), and I got to go out with the husband, and his good friend... We still had a good time.

I am hoping to have another date night with him tonight. The winery where we are wine club members is having a special wine pairing at the Diamondback tonight. Should be a good time. We are wine club members at Hatcher Winery. For anyone who loves wine, I kid you not, it is heaven. Truly, when I die and go to heaven and am at whatever banquet table I heard about in Sunday School growing up, I hope they serve Hatcher wine. For anyone who loves hamburgers, you really should go to the Diamondback if ever in my little town, it has very good food. Another fun fact is that my dad calls it the Snake Pit... and I often hear many of his friends referring to it by the same name. My dad often does this to things. For instance, at dinner last night he asked me if I had a blueberry. I replied, no dad, I don't have a blackberry, I am anti spending that much money a month on a phone. Oh, he knows it is a blackberry, but he always calls it a blueberry.

So, in other weekend news, as much fun as it is seeing everyone, it is also nice having those "weekends" where I do laundry and dishes, and pretty much sit on my butt all day long watching wife-swap or any other random programs that are on in the middle of the day while everyone else is at work.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A good night

You ever have those moments where you feel old? Well, I do. One of the main reasons is because the husband and I are love Food Network. I kid you not, a fabulous night for us would be sitting and watching Diners, Drive-In's and Dives or Good Eats. However, by far our favorite is...

Sunday nights, therefore, might be one of our favorite nights of the week. Football all day long and Iron Chef America that night. We are also into the Next Iron Chef, but it is not even close to our love for Iron Chef America.

Though we love it so much, it does make me feel old. We seriously spend the evening with our feet kicked up in our love seat/ recliners and watch food network all night long. If this is making me old, I embrace it whole heatedly.