Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What does one do...

When they are getting married in three days, well, I am at work (unfortunately). I can only afford to take of so much time off...

I am losing sleep, and when I am sleeping it is really wierd and crazy dreams about the wedding. I am losing sleep out of nervousness that I have forgotten to do something.

Short version of my schedule:

Tonight-in-laws get into town. Dinner with my dad, step-mom, Steve's parents, and, of course, Steve and myself.

Tomorrow- Get the keys to the opera hall in am, go get mani's and pedi's after that with some of the ladies, cook dinner for Steve's Texas family at my sister-in-laws house, more time with my ladies after that.

Friday- Decorate hall in am, and the rehearsal in pm with the rehearsal dinner following.

Saturday- Up at 6, ready by 8:30 or 9. Pictures until 1:30, 1st wedding at 2, 2nd wedding at 5, Party the night away.

Sunday-Cleaning hall in am, Steve wants to open presents after that, but I am not as committed as he is, super bowl party with anyone that is left in town.

So that is it in a nut-shell, and all of this is why I probably won't post again until next week. There are about a thousand small errands I have to do in-between everything else. I still don't know how someone is supposed to savor the moment in the midst of all the other chaos, hopefully I will have it figured out by the end though. Well, wish me luck.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Vote

This is A. This is the second hair style that my sister-in-law did on my hair for wedding prep. This is the hairstyle my sister-in-law and little sister like. I should say that either way the bun is done, the swirly hair clip (below) is going to be on the side of my head, not in the back center.
This is B. This is what gave me hope that my sister-in-law could do my hair for the wedding. They also want to do little diamond pins around the curly bun either way. So, what do you think, A or B?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I keep going through all of my lists, my calendar, and my mind trying to think of if I have forgotten anything. I don't think I have, but I just don't know for sure.

I was also wondering if Obama was counting down the days until he was sworn in... That one I will probably never know. At least if I have missed anything it will turn up, now, W-Day, or never.

Friday, January 16, 2009

An Angel

Today marks 15 days until W-Day. That is just an FYI for those keeping tabs.

Yesterday a friend came over for dinner who used to be a wedding planner. She offered to help a while ago and I was kind of slacking on giving her a call. I saw her at a retirement party this last weekend, and finally set-up the dinner appointment.

My plan was to just have her tell people when to walk down the aisle and stuff like that, since I have no one and I have done 98% of the planning of this blessed event (the firefighter likes to claim the other two percent). I printed up the wedding weekend schedule and was running over the whole thing with her, as well as the plan for the actual ceremony.

Her first question- If I have any vendors that are slacking that she needs to call up and give them a what-for....

My response- Are you seriously going to be the jerk for me on the wedding (in my mind Praise the Lord)

She then offered to do way more than I expected, including figure out the best way to set up the room for the reception to have the most seats/comfortably/without to many paths crossing...

After that she realized that Steve and I will be assisting with the clean-up the day after the wedding. This was unacceptable to her, and she has taken it upon herself to find a few more people, in the midst of the people who have already been coerced into doing it, to help with the cause so that we don't have to.

At this point, I could have kissed her.

This angel of mine is going to make the W-Day go a thousand times smoother, and has already taken a pile of stress of my shoulders that was exponentially building by the day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are you getting nervous yet?

This is a question that I am already getting tired of. My usual response is that, "I try not to think about it." It is not me just putting people off because I am getting tired of the question, it is also currently me method for dealing with any nervousness that comes my way. Part of me feels like this is a juvenile response by myself to the stress of getting married, the other part says, "Well, it's working." The way I see it, we already live together, and we have for a while. Nothing in my life is going to change, other than my last name, and that is something that is totally different, and worthy of a separate post. So, if nothing is going to change, at least for the time being, and I am happy with my life the way it is now, why should I fret?

Probably nearly as often, but for a lot longer, people have also been asking "Are you excited?" My sarcastic response would be something along the lines of, "Do you think I would be getting married if I were not..." The truth is, I am not excited. When I tell (a few) people this, they begin to rationalize with me. "Oh, you will be when it gets closer..." "Well, at least you are smiling..." I am really OK with not being excited about it. As Ms. B.e.A. says, "I am happy," and you know what, I am happy. Life is good. I think I got so caught up in the beginning with the idea of being engaged and the idea of getting married that it almost got the best of me. If we were to start planning it all over tomorrow, I don't think I would do a lot different, but I would do a few things differently. Things that would, perhaps, alleviate some stress now.

It is kind of funny, my firefighter and I were talking the other day about getting married, and it has almost become a means to an end at this point. Don't be fooled, we love each other, truly, madly, deeply. The wedding at this point just makes the love we have had for each other for years more official in the eyes of many, and for that, and many other reasons, I am happy to be getting married.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For the sake of peace...

My firefighter, does most of the cooking these days. Why? He gets home anywhere between one and three hours before I do most nights. He also does most of the dishes. Why? Because after being gone 11 or 12 hours and only having an hour or two of down time dishes is not the highest priority on my list, plus, he gets home way before me, as mentioned before...

Last night we had my pastors over for dinner. They are helping out with the ceremony and have never really got to know the firefighter. I did do the dishes the night before so it would all be clean, and the firefighter could get right to cooking... However, he did the majority of the work for what turned into my company. He served dinner, cleared the table, served dessert, made coffee... He was a wonderful host. I sat and visited and did none of the work.

I could tell he was frustrated by how the whole evening turned out, and he made a snide comment about me doing the dishes before we went to bed. So, this morning I set my alarm clock for extra early, so I could get up and do dishes before I went to work. I was done with the dishes before he even got out of bed. My point being, this morning for the sake of peace, I got up extra early and did dishes. He was impressed with how well I know him. I told him that knowing him so well is messing with my sleeping schedule.

When I go home tonight now, whatever time that may be, there will not be an argument waiting for me. Totally worth it.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Picture

This is my niece Jenica (who is also the only flower girl in my wedding) taking a picture of me, and my sisters Amber and Michaelyn. This picture was provided courtesy of my step-sister Hope. I think this picture is great, and I just wanted to share it with all of you. According to it is 26 days until the wedding, just to keep everyone posted on that front as well. My calendar is starting to fill up with everything that I have to do in the next month. There is time, I am just trying to not overwhelm myself with it all. I tried on my dress on Saturday after it got altered and it fits perfectly, now they are going to press it and I will pick it up the day before the wedding. I could bore you all with the details of everyone I have to meet with in the next month, but it really is boring, even for me and it is my wedding.