Friday, March 27, 2009

The Non-Wedding Weekend

Four years ago, on March 28th, my then old-man who was hitting on me, became my boyfriend.

Three years ago, on March 28th, we were in Napa,wine tasting, celebrating our one year anniversary.

Two years ago, on March 28th, we were having a quiet evening at home.

One year ago, on March 28th, my favorite person in the world was asking me to spend the rest of my life with him, in the back of a limo in Sausalito, on a hill over looking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Tomorrow, March 28th, was when we were supposed to get married. That is until we were informed that the catholic church does not perform weddings over lent. Grrr...

I think I am mostly happy that the wedding got moved up, there are a few things that make me sad though. 1) Would have been cool to have a wedding on the anniversary. OK, on second thought that might be the only reason I would be sad. I was kind of hoping that it would be really rainy and stormy this weekend so that I would feel even better about getting married on the most perfect day that anyone could ask for in January. Well, I am sure a certain someone would like it to be 80 degrees just one year on her birthday, but considering it is the middle of winter, it was the most perfect day that I could ask for.

It was a tough choice moving it up. I had to get permission from my partner in crime to take over her birthday and our anniversary (me and her, not me and the husband...)

I am thankful we changed the wedding because 1) It is all over, and let me tell you, I was done dealing with it all. 2) The husband is never allowed to say the wedding was all about me, because, I changed the date I wanted, and made his ceremony the official ceremony. You know why, because I am a GOOOOOD wife.

I must point out, that at one point after both ceremonies were over, Mr. Baran informed me that the second ceremony, aka my ceremony, aka the cool ceremony, was way better, and perhaps we should have only had one. In translation- my ceremony was way better than the catholic ceremony, and the whole reason we changed the wedding date.

Our big plans for the non-anniversary, non-wedding weekend is to have a date night.

BTW, I plan on celebrating March 28th every year, even though it is no longer our "big day." I think one more reason to celebrate is never a bad thing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Slumber Party

Saturday was the first time the firefighter and myself watched one of my nephews all night long. I have spent the night with my niece and nephews many times, but he has never been a part of this. He is usually gone on a fire or something.

The nephew we were watching was Amber's son Bradley. Here is a picture of Bradley at my wedding.

He is the cutest thing ever. He is going to be two on May 11 (7-11 how sweet is that), so he is finally starting to say some words we understand, and many we don't...

I could not have asked for a better kid to have the firefighters first child over-night experience. Last time Bradley stayed at my house he woke up 3 or 4 times throughout the night, one of those being when he rolled off the bed (even though I had pillows all around him).

This time, he was an angel. He cried for about 30 seconds when I laid him down, and then was just sucking his bottle. He slept all night, and did not wake up until about 8 am. Even then he did not cry or anything, I just heard him rustling around, and figured I would get him so SB could sleep a little longer.

So, the first night of a kiddie sleeping over, success! Victory is at hand.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

An Epiphany

I had an epiphany on my way home form work the other day.

I realized that my job is changing me, and this is not
in the making me a better person kind of way.
No, this is in the I am more bitter, sarcastic,
and generally not as happy of a person
as I was a few months ago.

I cannot tell you how sad I was when I realized
this about myself. I have known for a while now that I
am not satisfied and happy with my job, but I resign myself
to be thankful that I have a job in the midst of the
current economy where to many people do not.

After realizing this about myself,
I realize it is time for a change.
Not a change in my job, not yet at least,
but a change in attitude.
I must remind myself how to guard my heart
in the midst of a less than positive atmosphere.
The sad part is, I don't really know
how to go about doing it.
My heart breaks
for the injustice and negative environment
I see all around me.
I truly would like to affect the environment around me
for a positive change, but how do I go about doing this?

I once prayed that my heart would be broken by the things that break the heart of God, and it has happened, it actually happend a long time ago. Now, I how do I protect my heart from these things and the emotions that follow. I feel the pain, now how do I help it change?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mini Vacation

I just bought plane tickets to go visit my favorite


and I am very excited!

So, the weekend before my birthday it will be me

and my favorite leading lady.

She is also my soul mate,

as long as you don't tell my husband...

For my birthday I also bought myself a beautiful Steve Madden purse.

So, even though my Steve won't be with me in LA, another one will be.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I think that one of my problems with blogging is this whole description thing.

I notice how people write long narratives about a three minute encounter,

or vividly recall stories that are twenty years old,

recalling any scents, emotions, or inner thoughts.

This is just not something that I can do, well, at least not yet.

I do not possess the ability to talk in detail about a cute encounter with my

nephew or something wonderful that my husband did.

It is all just part of life, and I do not have the words to describe these things.

If I were a true blogger, I would have pictures to go along with these wonderful descriptions.

Well, even though I am not a true blogger I might have pictures if my

camera were not lost somewhere in Mexico.
P.S. I really do hope the camera is a blessing to whoever has found it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Weekend...

... involved lots of tasting of wonderful wine (I am a wine-o). We had other plans but when the vineyard called up that we are wine club members with, it all took a back seat to some wine. So good, so much fun.

The week ahead involves lots of meetings and a big event at my work this weekend.

Today-in my pursuit of avoiding a little work I am in search of artwork for the room in my house with the orange wall. I want some fall colored tree pictures.

Today is my niece's birthday, which reminds me of my mom. My mom used to always say things like, "Jenica is going to MARCH FOURTH into the future" or her life, or her destiny..." When I think of Jenica's b-day this is always the next thought in my mind.