Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today I hear, yet again, about an unprecedented disaster. This time it is President Obama talking about the oil spill off of the gulf.
I am so tired of this hot button term, unprecedented. I get that there is no precedent for the events that have occurred, however that is not an excuse for the slow response of our President and our Government. I don't just mean this president either, many presidents have done the same thing, and used the fact that it is an unprecedented event as an excuse.
The world is changing, most events it seems anymore are unprecedented, and that is not an excuse.

At what point will people/presidents and other governing bodies/the world aide in the initial act of God or act of man to the effect that more lives are not lost, disease is not spread rampant, and more mistrust in the governing bodies that are supposed to have their people's best interest at heart.
So many of these unprecedented disasters are now an excuse for inaction. There is still nothing at the site of the 9/11 attack, houses are still left as they were and neighborhoods in shambles after Katrina, and people in Haiti are still having issues with water. WATER, perhaps one of the most basic necessities, and people cannot get it. These are just a few current disasters. There are so many more that can be discussed.

Is there no one that has the skills to act quickly and effectively in times of crisis to diminish the fall out of such events? I understand that the fall out could have been so much worse, but I really am losing patience. Especially when these catastrophic events happen on our home turf.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something fun from the Indiana

Despite the ticket, the Indiana was a lot of fun too. I smuggled back some basil from the wedding the BeA and myself went to and took some of the decorations from the ceremony. The bride had these on sticks, but I decided to paint some dowels instead. I have told my husband to be in search of sticks while he is working, but until he gets enough, dowels will suffice. I spray painted them green so they would look like stems.

After they were dry I put the pretty little flowers on them and put them in a vase in my living room. I think they are so much fun. Plus, nearly free decorations, who can say no to that?

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Indiana

For those who don't know, I got a speeding ticket while being in, "The Indiana," for the weekend a few weeks ago. I got this speeding ticket after being in The Indiana for about 15 miles. Therefore, the Indiana is not a welcoming state.

The Ticket.

79 in a 55.
Not good.
I was anxiously waiting to see how much my fine was going to be. It finally came in the mail. First, I got this little postcard.

$124.50, bummer, but so much better than I was thinking, I was thrilled. Thrilled, until I saw the envelope behind it and what it contained...

World, I would like to introduce you to my court fee$. My court fees that equal $225.00. This, is major blow to my unemployed bank account. I also have to sign the paper saying I will make no criminal offenses or moving violations in The Indiana.
$349.50 total in fees and fines. Over one car payment, down the drain.
One friend suggested that I just don't pay and have a warrant for my arrest in the Indiana for not paying and wait the ten years or whatever until I go back.
It was an idea, but I vetoed it. The honest woman in me won out.
It is my own fault for speeding anyways.
I was actually looking to see what the speed limit was in the middle of nowhere in Indiana at 11:45 pm on a Thursday night. Honest, I was. However, that does not matter. At least it did not matter to TPR Anthony H. Robinson of the Indiana State Police.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Quote of the Day

Change Your Thinking
Change Your World